What We Do

Quality, Safety, Productivity.

We’ve built an incredible body of work. Increasing and protecting the longevity of businesses and residential owners asphalt investments. Our sealcoat applications beatify while protecting against sun exposure and chemical damage caused by vehicles. 

Our crack fill aids in preserving the asphalt from gaps spreading and damage from water and freezing. R & R work provides a clean and safe environment for pedestrians and motorists alike.

As an industry leader in concrete and asphalt construction, Hartwick Paving Industries has a long history of delivering high-quality results with the utmost professionalism, competitive pricing, and an impressive safety record.

We pride ourselves in zero work-related accidents in 365 days and counting. Our daily reminder: “Work safely today. Remember, someone expects you home tonight!”

Hartwick continues to be a family-owned business that values employees and dedication to a job well done above all else. No matter the application or the specifications, the future is riding on HARTWICK.